Independence Day Sale!

Celebrating 4th of July now through the end of July!

Buy any 2 regularly priced covers, then choose as many 'America themed' covers as you would like, at 25% off each! 

(Limited sizes available in some patterns, and some may have to be made.)

Happy Reading!


How to Use the Read E-Z

  • Fly Fishing
  • Cats
  • Sugar Skulls & Dragon's Dance
  • Royal Peacock
Fly Fishing
Sugar Skulls & Dragon's Dance
Royal Peacock


I have arthritis in both wrists and it hurt to hold my book open. My daughter bought one of your covers for me and since then I have been able to read all I want and not hurt! Thanks for your invention. It really works.

Jim, Sedro-Woolley, WA

I took my Read E-Z to Hawaii. It was awesome to be able to read in the breeze without having to hold on to the book at all times. Everyone I know is getting one for Christmas.

Lisa, Mill Creek, WA

I was volunteering at a hospital and a patient had one of your Read E-Z's. I thought they were the coolest things ever! I will definitely be buying them as gifts in the future!


The hand therapist that I've been working with has seen my Read E-Z book cover and now recommends them when they have a patient that loves to read. The book cover allows me to handle reading a book even with only one free hand.

Lynwood, WA

I have had hand/wrist pain for 14 years now and sustained gripping is one of the worst things that will trigger a flare up. Which is why the Read E-Z book cover is so wonderful because it takes care of the "holding." When my mom first got it for me I couldn't figure out why, but once I tried it, I was SOLD.

One of my co-workers who is an avid reader had a heart attack so instead of sending her flowers from our office I suggested that we order her one of your book covers. She uses it daily! She says it was the best idea we could have done for her!

I never lose my spot if I need to lay the book down for a minute. I have all the sizes of the Read E-Z book covers and have purchased many for my friends. The Read E-Z book covers are the best thing to happen to an avid reader of any age.


I had one, my friend borrowed it. She loved it so much I let her keep it. Now I need a new one!


I bought one 15 years ago and I am lost without it!